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Framework To-Do List

If you want to sort something out just put your name next to it, once it's done score it through.

  • Login/Users/Accounts

  • Characters
    • Inventory
    • Skills
    • HP
    • EXP
    • AP
  • Maps
    • Tiles
      • Get tile type (tile image/description linked in)
      • Get tile
      • Get players on tile
      • Get surrounding tiles
      • Get player numbers
    • Movement
      • N,S,E,W,NE,NW,SE,SW
      • Movement cost (tile type?)
      • Z movement
      • Interior/exterior movement

  • Interactions
    • Get players on tile
    • Attack
      • Get weapons in inventory
      • Populate attack list with players on tile
      • When attacking get target, modify hit rate if needed, roll to hit, take base damage from weapon, apply any reduction (armour on target?), modify target hp, modify user ap
    • Use Item on Other
      • Populate inventory list for items that are usable, for those populate applicable lists for players on tile
      • When used get item script, get target id, apply script with target id as a variable
    • Chat (local, whisper)
      • Local, send message to all players on tile (get player, add message)
      • Whisper, send message to target player (get player, add message)

  • AP system (for now), maybe use a background "server ticks" option with AP as something that replaces n mins of ticks?
    • AP columns in database
    • Regen tick for server

  • Inventory/Items
    • Database based, linking table used

  • Skills

  • NPCS
    • AI