Reanimated Projects and Games


We were reanimating a number of old projects and games, and starting some new ones! We're not any more.

Projects and Games


RPGWNN (Role Playing Game With No Name)

RPGWNN is a project to build an open source framework for creating web based RPGs similar in features to Shartak and others. The intention is to produce a full game with basic functionality that can then be extended to add new features and customise the appearance.

This project has been started three times already but not much came of the first two attempts. Very little code was re-used this time and it's the first time we've used github to host it.

There is also a wiki with a bunch of notes


MonkeySeek is hosted here.

A simple little game where you attempt to find the banana before the monkey and get the highest score possible.

This one could be making a comeback with some updated rules, sounds and a mobile version aimed at kids.